How we do it.

We are offering support to governments, cities, sporting federations, organising committees, event property owners and private companies in the course of securing, promoting, planning, delivering and analysing major sport events.

Our services include:

Event Operations – we plan and run your event

  • Venue scouting and analysis
  • Venue development and overlay planning
  • Advice on public permitting, health and safety and medical operation
  • Project budget management and procurement
  • Stakeholder management
  • Planning and management of general infrastructure, security, transport, accommodation, cleaning and waste, food and beverage, accreditation, city operations, logistics
  • Planning and management of technology
  • Event and venue general management

Event Consulting – we support you to plan and run your event

  • Advice for the set-up of multi stakeholder organizational structures
  • Event foundation planning
  • Event strategic planning
  • Supervision of event observer tours
  • Operational readiness exercises
  • Event delivery quality assurance and post event analysis
  • Transfer of knowledge systems and workshops
  • Definition and implementation of legacy schemes
  • Production of technical manuals

Technological Services and Products– we support you to pick the most suitable and cost effective technological solutions to run your event

  • Technology consulting
  • Advice on online based event management systems including registration/accreditation functionality
  • Provision of an online based event management systems including registration/accreditation functionality
  • Customer satisfaction tool based on a mobile application (iOS and Android) to monitor and steer event service quality
  • Token based tool enabling networking, digital document collection and lead generation within an event specific social community including export function

Event Hosting – we support you, no matter if potential event host or event property owner, in order to define and reach your goals

  • Lead strategic advice both for potential event hosts and event property owners
  • Feasibility studies
  • Specialist advice on technical topics
  • Production of event key fact presentations for event property owners
  • Event property representation towards and negotiation with potential event hosts
  • Production of bid documentation for potential event hosts
  • Bid project management for potential event hosts